mi-gusto Guide Teneriffe

The mi-gusto guide is a print magazine based in Tenerife providing a wide selection of offers concerning the topics gastronomy, lifestyle and outdoor activities for over 10 years. For the launch of their mobile app we were asked to produce an image film which should carry the functionality of the app as well as the spirit of the island. Together with Robert Vörös we spent 2 weeks filming at various places on Tenerife and had the chance not only to capture finest food creations but also eat them after the shootings. Due to the amount of different locations and the lack of time for location scouting we had to improvise a lot on-site which made this project one of the most interesting video productions we have been working on.

Client | Video Production | MO:YA MEDIA, Robert Vörös Idea and Concept | HG-Crossmedia Music | Year | 2015